Scientific activity

Most of my work is the development of IT methods for glycobiological research. It includes supervision, development and maintenance of a glyco database, development of methods for automated correlation between carbohydrate structure and NMR spectra, elucidation of the primary structure of natural carbohydrates and statistical analysis of glycomes in taxa. The most natural objects are bacterial O-antigens that are linear or branched polysaccharides and their derivatives with repeating units of 3-8 monomeric residues. My PhD (2001) was dedicated to automated NMR data analysis in the aspect of the primary structure of glycopolymers.

The major workplaces were: NMR center of N.D.Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (Russia, Moscow), Borstel ForschungsZentrum (Borstel, Germany), Deutsche KrebsForschungsZentrum (Heidelberg, Germany).

CSDBCarbohydrate Structure Database
BioPSElNMR spectra simulation and carbohydrate structure ranking
ProteusStructural studies of glycans from Proteus bacteria
OtherOther studies (NMR, bioinformatics)
NMR courseTeaching : NMR spectroscopy course
GlycoinformaticsLection: glycoinformatics
Glyco databasesLection: glyco databases
PapersList of publications, grants and symposia

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